Project Overview


Bacon & Mustard

Down with orange gloop, and up with chunky tomatoes and bacon. Down with sugar, and up with aromatic herbs and a dollop of mustard. These are proper baked beans. Healthy, tasty, filling. Eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Job done.

Inside each pot:

Dried haricot beans (31%), bacon (30%), tomatoes, tomato paste, dijon mustard,  onion, garlic, salt, pepper, organic vegetarian bouillon, tamari (contains: soya), thyme, rosemary, cornflour, stevia, water, rapeseed oil



Full of beans means:

No added sugar
2 of your 5 a day
Free from gluten
18g of protein
Source of fibre
No powdered tomato

Everyone should make baked beans at least once. So they know, you know?

We’ve shared a recipe of ours here. Obviously you can replace the bacon and mustard with just about anything you like. Beans are good like that.